Q&A Session – John Carroll: What do I need to know about training my employees in First Aid?

First Aid Kit

John Carroll – LCE Safety Consultant & Trainer answers your work related health and safety queries as part of our monthly Q&A session.

“As a manager of a business, I would like to know what is expected in terms of training my employees in first aid”

John Carroll:

This is a question that I am asked often, and there isn’t a one size fits all solution that works for every workplace. A professional risk assessment of a workplace should be carried out to figure out what you should provide in terms of equipment and safety training.

Since the 1st June 2018, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) only recognises the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) First Aid Response (FAR) training standard as meeting the needs of occupational first aid in workplaces.

Do I need a qualified first aider in my workplace?

A risk assessment in the context of the Safety Statement should consider the numbers employed, the nature of the work, the degree of hazard, the level of accidents arising, the size and location of the workplace, the distribution of the employees, shift working, availability of an occupational health service with the workplace and the distance and duration from external medical services etc.

What is First Aid Response (FAR)?

First Aid Response or FAR is PHECC’s newest education and training standard. It’s a foundation first aid course that trains course participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services. FAR includes the full Cardiac First Response Community standard also.

What topics are covered in a FAR course?

  • Patient Assessment
  • Incident Procedure
  • Common Medical Emergencies
  • CPR and AED use
  • Injury Management
  • Care of the unconscious patient
  • Burns & Electrical Injury
  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
  • Information Management
  • Communications
  • Wellbeing of the First Aid Responder

How long does the course take?

The First Aid Response (FAR) takes 3 full days.

How long does it last for?

It lasts for 2 years, after which a 2 day refresher course needs to be carried out to retain the First Aid Response (FAR) certificate.

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