Office Ergonomics - Incorrect Posture

VDU Assessments help identify any possible risks associated with incorrect use of VDUs. Strain on the neck, shoulders, back, arms and wrists can result from a poorly designed workstation. A VDU Risk Assessment can reduce the likelihood of developing these symptoms.

A competent person must carry out the assessment at each individual’s workstation – the HSA do not accept online assessments carried out by employees themselves. 

LCE competent VDU assessors provide practical advice and guidance to each individual as part of the VDU assessment process.

All findings and alterations must be documented.

Who needs VDU/DSE Assessment?

  • They must also have periodic breaks or changes of routine, away from VDU/DSE
  • They must be informed by their employer that they are entitled to an appropriate eye and eyesight test (or may opt for either) before working with VDU/DSE and at regular intervals
  • If at any time working with VDU/DSE an employee experiences visual difficulty, he or she has a similar entitlement.
  • Employees must be trained in the use of the workstation and be given information about ergonomics and health and safety factors

Why choose LCE Workplace Safety for VDU/DSE Assessments?

LCE works with all businesses from window cleaners to builders to multinationals, including pharma and biopharma companies. Our practical approach, in keeping with our mission statement to Exceed customer expectations and redefine the perception of consultancy services, ensures our clients know they are working with the best. That is why our clients remain with LCE.
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