The VDU Assessors course enables a participant to be able to carry out ergonomic assessments of computer workstations in their workplace, and adjust them correctly to reduce the risk of injury or pain to the user of the workspace from prolonged use of the workstation such as upper limb disorders (ULD’s) or musculoskeletal disorders.

Chapter 5 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 dictate that an employer is responsible to ensure that any display screen equipment does not pose any risk to the user in general use, and that the equipment should be assessed to evaluate health and safety conditions

  • Overview of Legislation related to Visual Display Units
  • Principles of Ergonomics and Ergonomic Risk Factors
  • Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
  • Hazard Identification Process
  • VDU Risk Assessment
  • Risk reduction methods (incl. Flexibility exercises)
  • Practical Assessment
  • Questions and Answers

On completion of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the legislation relating to VDU Equipment
  • Understand the basic principles of Ergonomics
  • Be able to identify Ergonomic Risk Factors
  • Be able to carry out a VDU assessment of a workstation
  • Understand how to implement suitable control measures
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An LCE Certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant on successful completion of course.