This course is designed to refresh an attendee about the role and function of the Safety Representative and to reiterate the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to effectively carry out their role.

Safety Representatives should attend refresher training in order to promote active worker engagement in safe work procedures and to develop a committee to review these safety procedures.  

N.B. Attendees must provide evidence of previous attendance at a Safety Representative Training course

  • Safety and health legal system
  • Role of the Safety Representative and Safety Committee members in the safety consultation and participation process
  • Communication skills for the Safety Representative and Safety Committee members
  • Hazard identification and carrying out Risk Assessments
  • Preparing and implementing the Safety Statement
  • Carrying out safety and health inspections
  • Accident investigation, recording and analysis
  • Sources of safety and health information
  • Risk control and safety and health management at work
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An LCE Certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant on successful completion of the course.