Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that work-related accidents and illnesses annually take 2 million lives and cost the global economy an estimated US$1.25 thousand billion ($1.25 trillion).

The ILO also estimates that work-related illness and accidents cost between 2.6% and 3.8% of Gross Domestic Product in European Union.

Occupational Hygiene Services provided by LCE Workplace Safety include assessments on:

  • Chemical Hazards – Dust, silica, carcinogens like arsenic, toxins like lead, fibrous dusts and may other different hazardous chemical agents.
  • Physical Hazards – Heat/cold, noise, hand and whole-body vibration
  • Biological Hazards – Bacteria, fungi and viruses which can have numerous biological effects on workers such as irritation and infection that can result in specific occupational diseases.

Benefits of occupational hygiene

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring benefits workplaces resulting in:

  • Improved occupational health and increased life expectancy
  • Reduction in the number of people who must leave employment early through injury or illness
  • Lower social and healthcare costs as well as maximizing worker potential
  • More efficient working processes with technological improvements and increased productivity.

Why choose LCE Workplace Safety for Occupational Hygiene Monitoring?

LCE works with all businesses from window cleaners to builders to multinationals, including pharma and biopharma companies. Our practical approach, in keeping with our mission statement to Exceed customer expectations and redefine the perception of consultancy services, ensures our clients know they are working with the best. That is why our clients remain with LCE.
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