Behavioural Safety

A significant number of workplace accidents are reportedly caused by inappropriate behaviour. All employers need to promote safe behaviour in the workplace to reduce accidents and incidents, and to have a positive safety culture in place for employees and employers alike.

What motivates your employees to behave safely?

Some employers insist on using the “stick” approach – “you must comply with the rules because it is the law and if you don’t you may be subject to disciplinary action”. Others prefer the “carrot” approach – “if you report unsafe acts or situations you will be in a draw to win €50” …. But what really motivates us to act safely at all times (not just when someone is watching?)
Is a possible reward or the threat of disciplinary action really going to motivate you not to take a chance today?

LCE are working with the leading professionals in human motivation and applying this thinking to workplaces.

LCE are using leading-edge world-class safety tools and thinking to help employers, including:

  • Developing safety as a real “Value” (not just on the posters!)
  • Engaging with the psychological contract (not just an employment contract)
  • Establishing shared expectations – acknowledging the “Brain Worker”
  • Developing good leaders through coaching for human performance
  • Positively seeking success –V- failure avoidance
  • Identifying and addressing LIFE potentials (Life changing Injuries and Fatal Events)
  • Focusing on the “truths” about safety

Who needs behavioural safety?

All employers should promote safe behaviour in the workplace to reduce accidents, incidents and to promote a healthy safety culture regardless of their industry.

Why choose LCE Workplace Safety for Behavioural Safety?

LCE works with all businesses from window cleaners to builders to multinationals, including pharma and biopharma companies. Our practical approach, in keeping with our mission statement to Exceed customer expectations and redefine the perception of consultancy services, ensures our clients know they are working with the best. That is why our clients remain with LCE.
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